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Amid Falling Oil Price, Middle East Arms Race Led By Saudi Arabia Expected To Slow Down

International Business Times January 12, 2016 By Christopher Harress As Middle East nations look to build up their weaponry amid regional civil wars, that arms race is now at risk of grinding to a halt. The price of oil kept sliding Tuesday, past the point where the oil-based economies in the region are able to balance their budgets.

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Saudi-Iranian Crisis, China’s Economic Slide Set Stage for Perfect Storm in the Oil Market

The Atlantic Council January 5, 2016 By Ariel Cohen The deepening rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran may have dire consequences for global oil markets because the kingdom’s Eastern Province, where the Shia are in the majority, produces most of its oil. Production would suffer if Iran were to foment unrest among this population.

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Russia’s Quarrel With Turkey Is Distracting—and Dangerous

The National Interest December 3, 2015 By Ariel Cohen De-escalation is crucial in order to restore focus on the Syrian war itself. As the world’s leaders gathered for the COP 21 climate change summit in Paris, a more immediate and grave threat should have preoccupied their attention. Two regional powers, Russia and Turkey, have

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REPORT: Developing a Western Energy Strategy for the Black Sea Region and Beyond

Atlantic Council November 18, 2015 By Dr. Ariel Cohen In Developing a Western Energy Strategy for the Black Sea Region and Beyond, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center and Global Energy Center Ariel Cohen addresses the urgent need for a European policy on Black Sea energy following Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

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Ariel Cohen: Georgia Could Become an Energy Exporter

Georgia Today October 29, 2015 By Zviad Adzinbaia Georgia Today, like many of our Readers, was interested in the groundbreaking announcement by a US independent oil and gas exploration and production company Frontera Resources over discovery of an estimated 3.8 trillion cubic meters of gas in the Georgian region of Kakheti early this month. To

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Turkey Energy Deals: Moscow’s Increased Intervention In Syrian War Is Putting Economic Accords With Ankara At Risk

International Business Times October 17, 2015 By Christopher Harress The European Union on Monday scheduled talks with Russia to press for the speedy resolution of a dispute with Ukraine that has hit gas supplies to countries in eastern and southern Europe facing freezing temperatures. Turkey has increased gas delivered from Russia via the Blue-Stream pipeline

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War in Syria: Time for America to Get Tough on Russia

The National Interest October 15, 2015 By Ariel Cohen Last week, Russia hit Syria with 26 Kalibr cruise missiles fired from its warships in the Caspian Sea. The strikes mirrored the U.S. Tomahawk missile strikes against Iraq and Afghanistan of the past decade. This is the first time Russia is using military force outside the

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Why Russia keeps pumping crude even as oil prices plummet

The Christian Science Monitor September 8, 2015 By Cristina Maza, Staff writer Russia – despite serious economic headwinds, and Western energy sanctions – is scrambling make sure it retains its status as a global leader in oil and gas. The persistent collapse of oil prices has been chalked up to a game of chicken between

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Natural Gas Europe
June 29th, 2015
By Ariel Cohen

The efforts of China to ensure its economic development and preeminence include the creation of the “New Silk Road” – the enormous system of infrastructure mega-projects to stretch from the Pacific to the Atlantic. If completed, it will be the largest infrastructure undertaking ever built. Natural gas features prominently in the plan.