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Kazatomprom IPO With Astana International Financial Center (AIX) Shows Global Appetite For Uranium

Some say nuclear energy is the stepdaughter of the energy industry. Many investors beg to differ. On November 14, Kazatomprom (KAP), the state-owned uranium production company of Kazakhstan made history by becoming the first initial public offering of a large Kazakh company in more than a decade. This is a dramatic finale for two important

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Charging Up: Battery Storage Investments To Reach $620 Billion By 2040

The market for energy storage is rapidly gaining momentum around the world. The growing cost-competitiveness of carbon-free energy sources, coupled with improving technology and more environmentally conscious government policies are driving a demand boom for batteries in both the transportation and utility power sectors. But just how big is this boom expected to be? Continued

When Fear Trumps Markets: Is The $100/bbl Oil Inevitable?

Is $100 a barrel (bbl) inevitable? Brent crude is now trading at $82/bbl, a four-year high, and most analysts believe it won’t stop there. The geopolitical and global financial climate is certainly hospitable to rising oil prices: Saudi Arabia’s Jamal Khashoggi crisis, the specter of Iran sanctions, turmoil in heavy oil-producing states like Venezuela and

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Kazakhstan is opting for nuclear engagement, not deterrence

With North Korea wreaking havoc by testing nuclear weapons and missiles, and with Iranian nuclear program becoming once again the focus of U.S. foreign policy, Washington is searching for solutions to both crises. It is important to keep in mind that there are alternative, safer nuclear energy policies. Pyongyang and Tehran should take note and

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Dr. Cohen Featured in Article on Yemen

The Washington Diplomat “World Turns Blind Eye to Yemen’s Civil War, Rohingya Refugees and South Sudan’s Famine” By Larry Luxner Updated March 30, 2017 With world headlines focused on North Korea’s nuclear tests, Russia’s ties to the Trump administration and landmark elections in France, it’s easy to forget about three ethnic conflicts that show

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The Trump-Putin Honeymoon is Over

Newsweek March 1, 2017 By Ariel Cohen This article first appeared on the Atlantic Council site. As Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster takes over President Donald Trump’s National Security Council, conducting a bottom-up review and developing a Russia policy at the NSC, Pentagon and State Department should be a top priority for the administration. Russia

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Interview: The Importance of Azerbaijan for Russia and the USA

СВС Знаковая Встреча в Баку В связи со встречей руководителей генштабов США и России международные эксперты отмечают все более возрастающую роль Азербайджана, как важного и надежного партнера. И не случайно, именно Баку стал площадкой для столь долгожданной и значимой речи, ведь Азербайджан, все больше закрепляющий за собой статус регионального лидера, теперь становится ключевым игроком

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