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China’s New Naval Tech: Environmental Dream and Security Nightmare

The world’s largest electric container ship, constructed by China’s COSCO Shipping Corporation, completed its first-ever voyage on April 22. This ship alone will save thousands of tons of carbon emissions in just a few trips, a feat that the climate-conscious worldwide should applaud. Carbon emissions from international shipping, vital for global trade, are upward-trending, contributing to global climate change, and must be

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An ‘East Asian NATO’ is Forming

Washington hosted one of the most significant shifts in the world’s security architecture since the collapse of the Soviet Union. On April 11, an unprecedented trilateral summit brought together U.S. allies Japan and the Philippines, potentially setting the stage for a spectacular shift in Asia’s Sino-American balance of power. Read More

The Global Take|Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Talks-Bloomberg Daybreak Asia Edition|May 10, 2024

Tune into Bloomberg Daybreak Asia Edition for an insightful analysis from Dr. Ariel Cohen on the latest developments in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Dr. Cohen provides detailed commentary on the strategic movements, international implications, and the broader geopolitical context surrounding this intense conflict. Watch Here.

New Quills Needed for Taiwan’s ‘Porcupine’ Strategy Against China | Opinion

By Ariel Cohen and Wesley Hill Avril Hines, director of national intelligence, disclosed Thursday in Congressional testimony that Russia and China are training together for a future invasion of Taiwan. The “unlimited friendship” proclaimed by presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin in Beijing in February 2022, just before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, moved closer

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Joe Biden’s LNG Policy Fiasco

Congressional hearings scheduled for February 6 and 8 expose the Biden administration’s massive energy policy blunder. This misstep will impede American energy production, undermine economic growth, endanger the hard-earned U.S. status as the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter, and threaten Washington’s strategic credibility among friends and foes. The hearings are set to unite

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Elon Musk’s Hail Mary In China

Tesla was once the undisputed global leader in electric vehicles. In the earlier part of this decade, Tesla’s Tesla0.0% stock was a certain winner, reaching an all-time high on November 4, 2021. Those days are now distant as the company grapples with mounting competition from international and Chinese rivals, with companies such as BYD dominating

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LNG Is Harm Reduction For Energy

Harm reduction is a helpful policy concept from the narcotics field that can be applied to energy and climate change. It recognizes that drug abuse occurs and seeks to minimize the negative consequences that drug use can bring, ideally improving (or saving) both the life of the user and of society. For example, making naloxone

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The Global Take|Iran-Israel Exchange Attacks with Dr. Kamran Bokhari|April 23, 2024

The video provides a comprehensive overview of the recent spate of attacks between Israel and Iran, shedding light on the escalating tensions between the two nations. It examines the incidents and offers insight into the longstanding conflict and its implications for the region. Watch here.

New U.S. Solar Panel Tariff Intensifies Sino-American Green Tech War

The Sino-American trade war may be old news, but now a new battlefield is front and center: green tech. During her controversial visit to China, Secretary Janet Yellen made waves by criticizing China’s excess industrial capacity. Secretary Yellen warned the Chinese that retaliatory tariffs would be levied if this wasn’t addressed while simultaneously making the

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