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We may be approaching the finale of the power struggle between Venezuela’s illegitimate Chavista regime and the country’s beleaguered democratic opposition. If the opposition’s champion Juan Guaido can succeed in wresting authority from Nicholas Maduro, the consequences will reverberate well beyond Caracas, into global energy markets—and exacerbate the U.S.–Russia rivalry. Continued

Expert: U.S. weak response for Vitol’s violation could send message to other oil companies

Baku. 13 February. REPORT.AZ/ “Should the U.S. government issue a weak response for the violation by Vitol, it could send a message to other oil companies that violating sanctions for the sake of profit is worth the risk,” Ariel Cohen, PhD, Senior fellow, the Atlantic Council and founding principal, International market analysis LTD, said. Continued

As Global Markets Cool, Investors Find Warmth In Central Asia’s Infrastructure

The long-anticipated global market correction may now be upon us. Worldwide stocks extend their losses over the weekend, leaving little room for optimism of a macroeconomic rebound. Chinese goods-exports growth slowed to 5.4% year-over-year in November, down from 15.6% in October. S&P futures are now down 10% on the year and the Dow Jones is

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GM Must Adapt Or Die: A Lesson For U.S. Automakers

General Motors (NYSE:GM) announced Monday that it would be closing down five of its facilities across the United States, ceasing the production of six of its sedan brands, including the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6, XTS, Chevrolet Cruze, Impala, and hybrid-electric Volt. GM will also lay off some 15,000 workers. The car manufacturer claims that through

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Kazatomprom IPO With Astana International Financial Center (AIX) Shows Global Appetite For Uranium

Some say nuclear energy is the stepdaughter of the energy industry. Many investors beg to differ. On November 14, Kazatomprom (KAP), the state-owned uranium production company of Kazakhstan made history by becoming the first initial public offering of a large Kazakh company in more than a decade. This is a dramatic finale for two important

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Charging Up: Battery Storage Investments To Reach $620 Billion By 2040

The market for energy storage is rapidly gaining momentum around the world. The growing cost-competitiveness of carbon-free energy sources, coupled with improving technology and more environmentally conscious government policies are driving a demand boom for batteries in both the transportation and utility power sectors. But just how big is this boom expected to be? Continued

When Fear Trumps Markets: Is The $100/bbl Oil Inevitable?

Is $100 a barrel (bbl) inevitable? Brent crude is now trading at $82/bbl, a four-year high, and most analysts believe it won’t stop there. The geopolitical and global financial climate is certainly hospitable to rising oil prices: Saudi Arabia’s Jamal Khashoggi crisis, the specter of Iran sanctions, turmoil in heavy oil-producing states like Venezuela and

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Kazakhstan is opting for nuclear engagement, not deterrence

With North Korea wreaking havoc by testing nuclear weapons and missiles, and with Iranian nuclear program becoming once again the focus of U.S. foreign policy, Washington is searching for solutions to both crises. It is important to keep in mind that there are alternative, safer nuclear energy policies. Pyongyang and Tehran should take note and

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