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A ‘Cold War 2.0’ playing out in the Middle East

Jerusalem Post November 3, 2015 By Ariel Ben Solomon Putin’s government tries to establish a security belt stretching from Iraq to the Mediterranean, expert tells the “Post.” The US is facing a “Cold War 2.0” against Russia in places such as Ukraine, the Baltic states, and Syria as President Vladimir Putin’s government tries to establish

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Natural Gas Europe
May 04, 2015
By Dr. Ariel Cohen

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that Greece would get “hundreds of millions of Euros every year” for bringing Russian gas into the EU. Gazprom’s goal is to establish a new entry point to Europe bypassing the traditional route through Ukraine. Panagiotis Lafazanis, the Greek energy minister, announced last week that Athens may repay the advance provided by Moscow once the “Turkish Stream” extension becomes operational in 2019.