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Putin’s Chilling Message to the West

April 10, 2015
By Dr. Ariel Cohen

Vladimir Putin’s 10-day disappearance shortly after the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov and his triumphal reappearance after the broadcast of a 150-minute documentary on state television, suggest a more erratic—and aggressive—policy course in Russia. Here’s why.


Natural Gas Europe
March 16, 2015
By Marina Zvonareva

The future of Ukraine was discussed at the Ukrainian Energy Forum in Kiev. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian energy market is seasawed due to civil war in the east of the country, experts still put high hopes on reforming of the sector. Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure to talk about the current situation in the second largest European country with Ariel Cohen, Ph.D., Director, Center for Energy, Natural Resources and Geopolitics at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and Principal at International Market Analysis.

Ukraine’s tax hike will strangle the domestic oil and gas sector

Natural Gas Europe
March 10, 2015
By Dr. Ariel Cohen

Ukraine is facing existential challenges, and energy security is one of them. The country is dependent on Russia supplying most of its natural gas as well as uranium fuel for its nuclear reactors. Under these very difficult circumstances, a government with a holistic view of its strategic security and energy goals would logically develop a policy aimed at encouraging increased domestic oil and gas production. Unfortunately, Kyiv is doing the opposite.

Argentina the rogue

The Hill
February 04, 2015
By Dr. Ariel Cohen

This week Argentina appealed to the UN General Assembly to push through the Multilateral Legal Framework for Sovereign Debt Restructuring, which is being touted as a means to allow poor countries to avoid creditors and establish an international mechanism for paying off their default loans.