Tesla’s Crash And Musk’s Acquittal Is Good News For Electric Vehicles

Elon Musk was acquitted by a US district court over a tweet that forced him to resign as Tesla’s executive chairman in 2018. Now, fresh off his victory in acquiring the very same Twitter for an inflated price, Elon Musk and Tesla were slammed by a historically low 2022 earnings report which prompted a 70% decline in stock in 2022. This earned Elon Musk the dubious distinction of having the largest net worth decline in history — $200 billion — and prompted critical evaluation of his abilities to simultaneously run Tesla and Twitter. In January 2023, Tesla’s stock subsequently climbed 38% in a single month. Tesla’s stock roller coaster has prompted premature panic concerning the long-term viability of the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and misplaced attacks on EV technology.

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