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The Inconvenient Truth: When Green Energy Pollutes

While the most cited downside of the green energy transition is its financial and technological costs, it is crucial to remember that green energy also bears environmental costs. These costs are far more localized and immediate than the dispersed and global benefits they bring. In a purely philosophical and utilitarian consideration, green energy is an overwhelming

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Carbon Tracking’s Trial By Fire

The precise tracking of this massive carbon release helped inform authorities dealing with particulate pollution and helped firefighters combat the inferno with precise measures of carbon releases. Such precise measurement of carbon is the result of an unparalleled wave of innovation in precise carbon footprint measurement originating from environmental monitoring. This technology has survived its first trial

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Innovation Fuels Nuclear Energy’s Revival, But Challenges Remain

Technological innovations and advanced reactor designs that ensure enhanced safety, efficiency, and versatility are central to nuclear energy’s future. Breakthrough technologies, including advanced fuel cycles, thorium-based reactors, and small- and medium-modular reactors (SMRs), are gaining momentum and investment due to their cost-effectiveness, reduced waste generation, and flexible deployment. Continue reading here.

Chile’s Nationalization Of Lithium : “Green Protectionism” Endangering Energy Transition

The nationalization of industry isn’t the only thing Boric promised. According to Boric’s plan, the new, state-owned company is more than simply the long arm of the government collecting profit from a natural resource. It bets on an emerging technology called the Direct Lithium Extraction process (DLE). While DLE performed well in controlled environments, it is still

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Investment In Batteries Can Supercharge Renewables

Power production will remain CO2 positive no matter how many wind turbines or solar panels we install until fusion is cracked. Long-term storage methods are required to fill energy baseload gaps in renewable generation, creating solutions for key technological and economic challenges surrounding the renewable energy transition. Continue reading here.

Greta Thunberg Has Embraced Nuclear Power: Will The Greens Follow?

The Green icon Greta Thunberg seems to be taking a pro-nuclear stance. The Swedish climate activist once decried nuclear energy as being “extremely dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming”. Her views seem to have changed in tandem with recent trends in public opinion as she recently argued that Germany shutting down its nuclear plants was a ‘mistake’. Greta, alongside other climate

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How Electric Vehicles Can Leapfrog To Emerging Markets

The shift of technologies from the cutting edge to the mundane defines technological revolutions. We are amid such a revolution. As Electric Vehicle (EV) technology matures, electric cars are becoming cheaper and their customer base in advanced post-industrial economies is. continuously expanding. That expansion is also happening internationally, with the Global South joining the race

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Bipartisan Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism – A Political Unicorn?

A Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) allows a country to impose a price on carbon emitted during the production of goods in the country of origin as import fees, thus incentivizing greener manufacturing. This has been a perennial aspiration of environmentalists for decades that once languished in obscurity but is now rapidly becoming policy. Now,

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