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Ukraine’s tax hike will strangle the domestic oil and gas sector

Natural Gas Europe
March 10, 2015
By Dr. Ariel Cohen

Ukraine is facing existential challenges, and energy security is one of them. The country is dependent on Russia supplying most of its natural gas as well as uranium fuel for its nuclear reactors. Under these very difficult circumstances, a government with a holistic view of its strategic security and energy goals would logically develop a policy aimed at encouraging increased domestic oil and gas production. Unfortunately, Kyiv is doing the opposite.


The Wall Street Journal
November 28, 2014
By Dr. Ariel Cohen
Michael Apted’s 1999 film “The World Is Not Enough” portrays the iconic James Bond and his fight against an international conspiracy involving a Caspian oil pipeline, a mysterious oil heiress, and an anarchic nemesis bent on chaos. Themes that haunt the energy industry appear frequently: oil terrorism, catastrophic damage during energy transport, and environmental protests.

The Case for Keystone XL

Wall Street Journal
November 27, 2014
By Dr. Ariel Cohen

The most important change needed for transporting crude throughout North America is the approval and construction of the fourth phase of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. Keystone XL is an existing transnational network segmented into phases that cross Canada and the U.S. The first phase travels through the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba before traveling to Steele City from north to south and from Alberta to Nebraska and continue to Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas.

How East-West Competition Turned Balkan Energy into a Geopolitical Football

Journal of Energy Security
November 20, 2014
By Dr. Ariel Cohen
Europe’s dependency on Russian gas, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, has become a major strategic liability for the West. This is especially true as the war in Eastern Ukraine has brought relations between Moscow and Brussels as well as many of the European capitals to new lows.

The Astronomic Costs of Reversing Climate Change 

The Wall Street Journal – The Experts October 3, 2014 By Dr. Ariel Cohen ARIEL COHEN: While energy experts love to discuss climate change, they often disregard the actual costs and benefits of this phenomenon. As political violence rises globally, addressing, let alone reversing, climate change, is becoming increasingly challenging. Whether climate change is man-made

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