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Iranian-Backed Houthis Strike Saudi Oil Facility

On Sunday March 7, Yemen’s Houthi rebels attacked an Aramco oil facility in Ras Tanura, a major port on Saudi Arabia’s Persian Gulf Coast. Brigadier General. Yahya Sarea, a spokesman for the rebel group, said in a televised statement that ballistic missiles and drones hit the oil facility and one of its largest refineries, along with military

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Iran Accused Of Eco-Terrorism As Oil Spill Washes Up On Israeli Beaches

The Israeli government is accusing Iran of environmental terrorism over the historic oil disaster unfolding along its Mediterranean coast line. At this point, nearly 100 tons of tar and contaminated material have been scraped off the country’s shores since cleanup efforts began on the 21st of February. In the ensuing investigation the original culprit has since been identified by authorities

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The Qatar—Saudi Agreement at First Glance: Everybody Wins

Middle East watchers have long expected the Qatari-Saudi normalization agreement, as Washington wanted its allies to reconcile, even as Doha stonewalled the attempts by Ar-Ryyyadh to accept the Thirteen Demands the coalition of four Arab states presented the gas-rich emirate in 2017. Then, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain demanded that Qatar curb diplomatic relations

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America’s Global Retreat and the Ensuing Strategic Vacuum

Shortly after President Donald Trump ordered a U.S. retreat from Syria and Afghanistan in October 2019, events in the region drew U.S. forces right back in. The administration’s decision to target Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, triggered tit-for-tat retaliation between Washington and Tehran at the opening

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Israel’s Leviathan Energy Prize: Where Will The Gas Go?

Israel is finally emerging as a natural gas player in the Mediterranean. In the last week of January, the Israeli Navy conducted a complex drill simulating attacks on the country’s offshore oil and gas infrastructure. The exercise included coordinated operations between dozens of naval vessels and aircraft, and even incorporated a live-fire missile test against

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President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria resonates beyond the Middle East, where key American allies, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others are raising questions about Washington’s reliability. America’s credibility is on the line, worldwide—even as National Security Advisory John Bolton appears to walk the decision back and condition it

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Will China Replace The U.S. As The Middle East Hegemon?

The U.S. is assembling its allies in Warsaw this week to coordinate Middle East policy– but with limited success. EU policy chief Federica Mogherini, joined by China, Russia, France, Germany, Turkey, and Qatar are boycotting the gathering, opting to adopt a more diplomatic, business-focused, and ‘less confrontational’ track with the Islamic Republic. Continued