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The Global Take|Iran-Israel Exchange Attacks with Dr. Kamran Bokhari|April 23, 2024

The video provides a comprehensive overview of the recent spate of attacks between Israel and Iran, shedding light on the escalating tensions between the two nations. It examines the incidents and offers insight into the longstanding conflict and its implications for the region. Watch here.

The Global Take|Iran Strikes Israel: Is a Regional Conflict About to Erupt?|April 19, 2024

Delve into the intricate geopolitical landscape surrounding the recent Iranian attack on Israel with Dr. Ariel Cohen, in this compelling discussion hosted by Bloomberg Intelligence. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Alix Steel, Dr. Cohen provides a nuanced analysis of the unfolding events, offering invaluable insights into the geopolitical ramifications and global security implications. Produced by

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Israel, Iran, And The Global Energy Tightrope

The long-simmering conflict between Iran and Israel erupted this weekend when Tehran launched a massive air strike against the Jewish state. Over 300 drones, cruise, and ballistic missiles were aimed at Israeli airspace on Saturday night, April 13, and early hours of Sunday the 14th. This attack was not a surprise. President Biden warned days

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The World Is Going Into The Red From The Red Sea Crisis

The Houthis, an Iranian-backed proxy terrorist group in Yemen, trained and equipped by the theocratic dictatorship in Tehran, have unleashed chaos on the global supply chain and sent shockwaves through international markets. Now that the US is attacking Iranian targets proxies in Syria and Iraq while the UK and US are bombing Houthis in the

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Xi And The Red Sea: Protect Iran Or China’s Economy?

A US bombing campaign against Iranian proxies, which hit more than 85 targets in response to a recent drone attack in Jordan that killed three Americans and injured dozens, threatens a regional conflagration. This crisis began after the Houthi attacks out of Yemen on commercial shipping in the Red Sea disrupted the supply chain, raised

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War In Israel Will Not Damage Oil Markets Unless Iran Wants It To

Oil prices surged on Monday as fears of a broader war in the Middle East panicked investors. Worries about an escalation that could’ve affected oil-producing Middle Eastern countries caused a 4% rise in Brent Crude oil prices to $88 per barrel. After the heinous terrorist attacks in Israel committed by Hamas, which have thus far

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