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Interview with Dr. Cohen about Hague ruling against Russia

Russia is being forced to pay back almost $52bn to former share holders of defunct oil group, Yukos.

This, according to a court ruling by the Hague on Thursday.

The decision, which comes almost ten years after the oil company went bankrupt, is being hailed as a victory for justice by market analysts.

RFI’s Christina Okello spoke to Dr Ariel Cohen, Principal of International Market Analysis, a natural resources advisory company in Washington DC to gauge his reaction.


The Heritage Foundation
May 25, 2014
By Dr. Ariel Cohen
In the recent makeshift referenda in Donetsk and Luhansk unrecognized by the West, a small minority of eligible voters voted in favor of secession from Ukraine. Now, some Western politicians and analysts are wondering: If those people came out to vote for “independence,” aren’t we obligated to consider their opinion when pondering the future of Ukraine?