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Kyiv Post
November 21, 2014
By Oksana Lyachynska
“We believe that Ukraine can make it as a European, free, Western-minded country,” Cohen said. “So does Vladimir Putin. And he is scared of that because an alternative Slavic, Eastern Slavic, Orthodox, half-of-the-country Russian-speaking country next to Russia is something he cannot tolerate.”

How East-West Competition Turned Balkan Energy into a Geopolitical Football

Journal of Energy Security
November 20, 2014
By Dr. Ariel Cohen
Europe’s dependency on Russian gas, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, has become a major strategic liability for the West. This is especially true as the war in Eastern Ukraine has brought relations between Moscow and Brussels as well as many of the European capitals to new lows.

Interview with Dr. Cohen about Hague ruling against Russia

Russia is being forced to pay back almost $52bn to former share holders of defunct oil group, Yukos.

This, according to a court ruling by the Hague on Thursday.

The decision, which comes almost ten years after the oil company went bankrupt, is being hailed as a victory for justice by market analysts.

RFI’s Christina Okello spoke to Dr Ariel Cohen, Principal of International Market Analysis, a natural resources advisory company in Washington DC to gauge his reaction.