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We may be approaching the finale of the power struggle between Venezuela’s illegitimate Chavista regime and the country’s beleaguered democratic opposition. If the opposition’s champion Juan Guaido can succeed in wresting authority from Nicholas Maduro, the consequences will reverberate well beyond Caracas, into global energy markets—and exacerbate the U.S.–Russia rivalry. Continued

Trump and Merkel Facing an Urgent Trans-Atlantic Agenda

The Huffington Post March 16, 2017 The snowstorm that postponed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to the White House is symbolic of the chill in US-German relations. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized Merkel’s open borders policy, which has brought over 1,250,000 refugees to Germany since 2015. Merkel has responded with a strong

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Dr. Cohen Quoted in Article on Trump and Putin Conversation

РБК “Новый тон: о чем и как говорили Путин и Трамп” Полина Химшиашвили 01/30/17 Дональд Трамп впервые после инаугурации поговорил с Владимиром Путиным. После разговора Москва и Вашингтон заявили, что стороны настроены на улучшение отношений и на быстрый переход к практическому сотрудничеству Первый телефонный разговор Владимира Путина с Дональдом Трампом в качестве президента США

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President Jorge Quiroga

Jorge Quiroga is a former President of Bolivia. His public sector experience includes: Leader of Opposition 2006-10, Woodrow Wilson Scholar 2002-03, President of Bolivia 2001-02, Vice-President and President of Congress 1997-01, Minister of Finance 1992, Vice-minister of Planning for Public Investment and International Cooperation 1990-92, several consulting jobs and others. In the private sector he has worked as Vice- President, board member and shareholder of a large private bank in La Paz (1993-97); with Mintec in the mining sector in Bolivia (1989-90); as a Systems Engineer with IBM in Texas (1981-88); as a university Calculus Teaching Assistant (1980-81); and several others.