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Ukraine’s “Marshall Plan” Should Come with Transparency

Ukraine, a democratic ally with a transatlantic orientation, is fighting a domestically and internationally popular defensive conventional war against Russia, a former imperial master that is attempting to deny Ukraine peoplehood and statehood and that happens to be longtime rival to the U.S. With moral indignation driving a rare bipartisan U.S. foreign policy, there is an understandable

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Biden’s Saudi Adventure: An Oil Strategy Failure And Beyond

Since the historic meeting between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Saudi Arabia’s founder King Abdulaziz aboard the USS Quincy in 1945, America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has always been transactional: oil for security. Over the past fifteen years, ever since the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, the perceived failure of both sides to honor their

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To Cap Or Not To Cap: G7’S Overambitious Plan To Punish Russian Oil And Alter The Future Of Oil Markets

On June 28th, leaders of the G7 announced that they agreed to explore the possibility of imposing a price cap on Russian oil to reduce Moscow’s energy revenues. While many view this as political exigency or a futile return to price controls, the truth is far more complex — with reverberations beyond the war in Ukraine or

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China’s Energy Vulnerabilities Drive Xi’s Policies

The long-anticipated 20th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, widely seen as Chinese President Xi Jinping’s stage-managed coronation for a third term, began with Xi delivering a two-hour speech focusing on security, further global outreach, and staying the course domestically. None of this surprises China analysts, who predicted these trends far in advance. China’s domestic policy

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Needed: Bipartisan support for America’s global leadership

A minority of Congressional Republicans are turning the U.S. response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine into a partisan issue. While demanding a thorough accounting of where U.S. dollars are going in the war effort certainly makes sense, flatly opposing aid to Ukraine is divisive and damaging to U.S. global interests, as U.S. allies are increasingly

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Asia’s Hunger For Energy Will Not Save Russia’s Economy

Over the last year, the West imposed sanctions on Moscow, cut back its purchases of Russian hydrocarbons, and sent military support to Ukraine. But the world’s largest democracy, and one of the United States’ biggest allies in Asia, India, hasn’t done any of that. Rather, India has seized the opportunity to purchase cheap Russian energy to

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Cyprus presidential elections crucial for regional oil, gas development – opinion

With Russian lobbyists pressuring Europe to cast aside alternatives to Russian gas, such as nuclear energy, we saw a lopsided growth in Russia’s strategic power over Europe. However, it clearly backfired as Putin’s war on Ukraine has continued despite sanctions. Russia lost a huge market in Europe: as much as 150 billion cubic meters of

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The Coming Hurricane: Russian Energy-Giant Gazprom Is Creating An Army

Ukrainian intelligence has reported that Russian energy giant Gazprom is establishing its own private military company (PMC). The rationale for an energy company establishing a security force is at least vaguely plausible given the need to defend fixed assets in trouble spots. Western energy companies like Exxon and BP do the same. However, Gazprom is not establishing

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How to expel Russia from the UN

The war in Ukraine will have demonstrated the impotence of the United Nations if a permanent member of the Security Council with full veto power becomes a rogue state without consequence. For the havoc it created, Russia must now be evicted from the UN. Read more.