Earth to Russia. Come Back to Reality

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vice Speaker of the Duma and leader of the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, has announced that in 2016, Russian flags will fly over Kyiv, Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius. Zhirinovsky is known to fly trial balloons on the Kremlin’s behalf. One cannot tell whether this is information warfare, a mere bluff to unsettle NATO, or a real signal. Credit: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

President Jorge Quiroga

Jorge Quiroga is a former President of Bolivia. His public sector experience includes: Leader of Opposition 2006-10, Woodrow Wilson Scholar 2002-03, President of Bolivia 2001-02, Vice-President and President of Congress 1997-01, Minister of Finance 1992, Vice-minister of Planning for Public Investment and International Cooperation 1990-92, several consulting jobs and others. In the private sector he has worked as Vice- President, board member and shareholder of a large private bank in La Paz (1993-97); with Mintec in the mining sector in Bolivia (1989-90); as a Systems Engineer with IBM in Texas (1981-88); as a university Calculus Teaching Assistant (1980-81); and several others.