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The Global Take|Iran-Israel Exchange Attacks with Dr. Kamran Bokhari|April 23, 2024

The video provides a comprehensive overview of the recent spate of attacks between Israel and Iran, shedding light on the escalating tensions between the two nations. It examines the incidents and offers insight into the longstanding conflict and its implications for the region. Watch here.

New U.S. Solar Panel Tariff Intensifies Sino-American Green Tech War

The Sino-American trade war may be old news, but now a new battlefield is front and center: green tech. During her controversial visit to China, Secretary Janet Yellen made waves by criticizing China’s excess industrial capacity. Secretary Yellen warned the Chinese that retaliatory tariffs would be levied if this wasn’t addressed while simultaneously making the

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The Global Take|Iran Strikes Israel: Is a Regional Conflict About to Erupt?|April 19, 2024

Delve into the intricate geopolitical landscape surrounding the recent Iranian attack on Israel with Dr. Ariel Cohen, in this compelling discussion hosted by Bloomberg Intelligence. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Alix Steel, Dr. Cohen provides a nuanced analysis of the unfolding events, offering invaluable insights into the geopolitical ramifications and global security implications. Produced by

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Israel, Iran, And The Global Energy Tightrope

The long-simmering conflict between Iran and Israel erupted this weekend when Tehran launched a massive air strike against the Jewish state. Over 300 drones, cruise, and ballistic missiles were aimed at Israeli airspace on Saturday night, April 13, and early hours of Sunday the 14th. This attack was not a surprise. President Biden warned days

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Putin’s Information War Is Absurd—and Effective | Opinion

A terror attack on a Moscow suburban concert hall killed more than 130 civilians on March 22. The Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) claimed responsibility that same day, followed by body camera footage to prove it. ISIS-K is a predominantly Afghanistan-based branch of ISIS, with a massive deployment on the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border, which has a long

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STEM Education Reform Needed To Compete With China

While the Biden administration’s ongoing quest to forgive student loans has repeatedly captured headlines, a far more significant initiative, Advance Educational Equity, infused in the language of racial and economic equity, fails to address a significant American weakness: the development of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, the fields that form the drive our modern world.

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American Deterrence Is Failing In The South China Sea

One of Beijing’s enduring hobbies is accusing Washington of violating or abusing international law. This selective outrage is justifiably ignored, given China’s unwillingness to abide by international law and disregard for U.N. arbitration concerning demarcation in the South China Sea. “International law with Chinese characteristics” was easily mocked and ignored when American deterrence and international

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Despite Wars And Sanctions, Superyacht Market Continues Recent Growth

A superyacht is a status symbol and the ultimate pleasure boat. What ordinary people envisage doing on cruise ships, the super-rich do on their mega-yachts. Space and change of scenery have appealed to humans from time immemorial. However, with luxury yacht ownership requiring vast sums of disposable income, one would think that factors putting the

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Ukraine Needs An Economic Victory

For Ukraine, winning on the battlefield is not enough, as Kyiv must ensure that the country’s economy stays afloat. If exports continue to slump, Kyiv could lose its ability to finance the war effort and sustain its population even further. Thus, maintaining the flow of its agricultural exports is vital. Read more here.

To Defend Democracy, Time To Revamp America’s Military-Industrial Base

America’s defense industrial base is not ready for the dangerous global environment in which the U.S. and the West find themselves. For the White House, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Congress, continuing to neglect this situation is no longer an option. The Center for Strategic and International Studies recently conducted and reported on a series

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