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The Global Take | Geopolitical Power Play: Central Asia’s Rare Earth Elements | Feb 2, 2024

Rare earth elements (REE) are crucial for everything from EVs to solar panels. However, China currently dominates the REE supply chain, giving them leverage over other nations like the US. Enter Central Asia, a region brimming with untapped REE deposits. This video dives into the potential for Central Asia to become a key player in

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Leveraging Central Asia’s Rare Earth Elements for Economic Growth

December 2023 | Wilder Alejandro Sanchez, Ariel Cohen, and Wesley Alexander Hill |Read the report here. Foreword The global energy transition has underscored the vital importance to advanced economies of rare earth elements (REEs), the 17 minerals with broad and, to this point, irreplaceable uses in a wide variety of high technology, green energy, and

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